Movement missing in logfiles

Model: Gateway GT5648E
OS: Vista SP2
CPU: AMD 64 X2 6000+ 3.00 GHz
Memory: 3GB
Video: GeForce 8600 GT
VASSAL: 3.1.13
Java: 1.6.0_18
Module: Fire in the Sky 1.4 and A Victory Lost 4.4.4

Is anyone else having trouble with logfiles that are skipping over movement of certain pieces during replay? I’ve experienced this with two games recently and have heard of at least one other case not involving me. I’m attaching two logfiles here to demonstrate the problem.

  1. Fire in the Sky – When I play through this logfile, the Japanese ships Shokaku, Kaga, Fubuki, and Azizuki end up in the Kure home base even though they report having moved to Guadalcanal (after my opponent hit the undo button and moved them again). My opponent swears they are showing up at Guadalcanal on his screen.

  2. A Victory Lost – I am the Axis player. At the end of this logfile, I place my activation chits in the coffee mug for the start of turn 2. When my opponent plays through the logfile, my chits aren’t in the mug even though he sees the messages reporting that they have been placed.

Just wondering if this could be some sort of Java problem.

I’ve seen this behavior a number of times. It could be caused by your opponent moving pieces around while re-playing a logfile. That or maybe stepping backwards while recording.

My advice is… never step backwards while recording a logfile, and never move pieces while simultaneously re-playing and recording a logfile.

Thanks Ben, I do believe it was the undo button that was causing the problem.

Yes, we’ve been seeing this problem all the time lately. We made sure that we are all using the same version of vassal (and the mod, of course), and though i can’t swear that the problem isn’t with use of the back button, is there any reason this mihght be happening on a regular basis (we do avoid the back button usually) now than it used to?

Thus spake “brucesears”:

I can’t think of anything in that area which has changed recently. If you
can show us how to reproduce the problem consistently, someone will look
into it.


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