Movement trail in 3.2.2

This version changes automatically some movement trail options for previous modules. It unchecks “Trail starts visible” and “trails are visible for all players”, even it deletes de key command

Could you describe in more detail the exact problem you are having please as I was unable to reproduce the problem. I just edited a module with 3.1, added a Movement Trail palette and clicked those 2 options. I then saved it and opened it with v3.2.2 and the options where still selected.

A possibly related issue concerning movement trails was pointed out on BGG the other day. I tested this and confirmed the behavior, though I have no idea what the cause is.

Using the module for Victory Games’ Vietnam 1965-1975 in VASSAL 3.1.20, and starting any scenario (I chose “Tet” in my test), pieces display movement trails by default.

Starting the same scenario from the same module in VASSAL 3.2.2, movement trails do not appear (when moving the exact same pieces as above).

I have had a look at the VG Vietnam module you supplied, as well as the currrent version from the module page, and the 4.2f version uploaded from 2 years ago. In all cases, I found that the Movement Trail in the prototypes used to create the counters has ‘Trail starts visible’ unchecked and no Key Command specified.

As far as I can see, the module is working correctly under 3.2.2. The mystery is why are movement trails visible when using 3.1 :confused: