Movement Trails

I have some modules in which Movement Trails are normally off, but can be turned on by right clicking a selected unit. In some modules when the movement trail is turned on it goes from hex to hex as long as the unit continues moving. In other modules, the trail only goes for one move and then quits.

Unfortunately, the units I want to do one thing do the other and vice versa of course.

How can this be controlled?

I have examined the Movement Trail properties and both types appear exactly the same. I can note nothing in Preferences or other areas that can be causing this. Any ideas?

The Module Designers’ Guide, page 55, has a procedure for resetting movement trails at the end of each turn. That technique could be in effect in the modules you mention where trails only go one move.

Sorry for the delayed response. I was out of town for a while.

No, that cannot be the answer. The module was an import from ADC2 and I made no changes that would do what you say. Other modules that I have imported do not do that. A trail will stay lit with as many stops that the unit makes.

I have edited the module and changed the Movement Trail setting to be on at all times. It still shows only the latest move. If I move a unit to a hex and then continue moving, the first trail drops out. I can continue moving the unit, but only the last and latest trail shows. If I start to move another unit, the last trail of the previous unit continues to show. The new unit’s trail behaves the same way.

Don’t get me wrong. The way that the trail is operating in this module is fine, but I would like to apply this function to Movement Trails in another module where continuation of trails becomes totally confusing.

Can anyone explain why this is happening?

I believe that I have found out why this is happening.

In the Main Map properties window if the “Mark pieces that moved (if they possess the proper trait):” selection is “Never,” the Movement Trail will only display the latest move, not the entire move, of a piece. If the selection is “Always,” the full Movement Trail will be displayed.

If anybody knows differently, please respond.