Moving pieces out of a Deck

I need some help. I think I am missing something simple.

I have event ‘chits’ (Events) that get added to one of 2 draw decks (Hats), at specific times (years). Later some of the chits are removed. I cannot figure out how to get them out of the ‘Hats’ and into the Non-Events deck.
Each Chit (Event) has a marker ‘DateAdd’ and ‘DateRemove’
I made an immobile Piece “Remove Events” with options to remove the correct DateRemove for the game year. Everything works fine……….

EXCEPT once the Events get into the Hats! I can’t get them out of the decks.

I tried using DeckName and or CurrentMap Variables neither works.

Examples (of non -working arguments)
{$DateRemove$==“1807” && ($DeckName$ ==“French Events”||$DeckName$ ==“Coalition Events”)}

I also tried with out the $'s for DeckName

Thanks Kevin

Just a quick look at your property line tells me that you are sending a command to one deck OR the other …but not both. Shouldn’t that be AND?

This worked:
{$DateRemove$==“1804” && DeckName =~“French Events|Coalition Events”}

I ended up with this (to also remove unused chits from players hands at the proper time):
{$DateRemove$==“1804” && DeckName =~“French Events|Coalition Events” || CurrentMap =~“French Hand|Coalition Hand”}

Thank you Joel Koepp !


The dollar signs around DateRemove needn’t be there and I’m a little surprised it works that way–but if it does, no harm, no foul.