Multi-Player/Team management

Currently, the way Vassal manages multi-players is that each player is assigned a “side” in the game. Each “side” moves its pieces, then hands on to the next side. With big games where there is team play, there can be multiple players on one side. The problem this presents is that when two players (say) are playing the same side, there are all sorts of annoying problems.
For example two players playing the same side: Player A picks up a piece and moves it to a particular hex. At the same time Player B, moves the map to check something out. Player A is now holding a piece to drop but has now had the map moved and is in the wrong place to drop the piece.
Is there a better way to manage this?

Have you tried the Preference setting that turns off local map moving to where other player moves their view?

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Yep, have all players make sure this is unticked in their module preferences.


Ahh, ok. Will give that a try.