Multiplayer issue with a new pc added to the mix

One of our players had to buy a new PC and the game will not allow him in, other than him messing up the username and password for the new module is there anything else that would keep him out?

You need to be using the exact same password (username doesn’t matter) for the game to recognize you as the same player.

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So if I edit the module and add a different player to it, run refresh on the vsav could the locked out user select it as their new player side?

No, that’s not how this works. Well, depending on the complexity of your module this might work, but also involve way more effort than just fixing the password situation and restoring access to the side without modifying the module.

If he makes a bunch of attempts at guessing what the module password was on the old computer and none work out, you can post the file here (use some kind of cloud storage link–Google Drive, Dropbox, et al). Tell me what player side he’s locked out of and I’ll private message you the password locking that side, or if the module is publicly available I can send a .vsav back with the player side freed up.

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It has some side controls to limit who see’s private windows but nothing at the unit level. I could just create the additional side and add it to the private window rights.