Multiple Modules for a single game - best practice guidance

I have some modules (SPI games) which were created in isolation, and consequently some games have mulitiple modules.

As each game page has an owner (although it can have multiple), is best practice to have a module page per module, or a single page for a game with multiple owner/contributor values?

I don’t want to create unnecessary moderation work, or trample on someone else’s module page - though in a world of open source, your babies can get tattoos and hair colouring you didn’t choose…


Not sure where you got the idea that “each game page has an owner”, but in any case, the correct practice for the VASSAL wiki is one page per game, not one per module.

Thanks - I have found some pages with multiple versions and discrete maintainer/contributor. I just needed a better understanding of the page definition.
I will ensure that I update pages so modules identify maintainer and contribs
Thanks again