multiple spawning windows

Model: Cyberpower
Op system: Windows 10 home(64 bit)
Memory: 16GB
Video: AMD radeon R7 360
Vassal 3.1.17
Java 8.151

Seems to be an issue with any vassal mod. Not always a problem but the longer I am using a module the chance of multiple windows spawning all over screen increases. I move the cursor and all of a sudden I will have 3 or 4 windows of game opening up. The only thing I can do is save and start over. I have no issues that I know of at any other site.

Thanks for any help

I have the same issue. Same specs. Had a windows patch do some issues with my PC. Once I got that fixed, I’ve had same spawning windows on “Some” modules not all of them thankfully. Issue is persistent once it starts and no way to clear except to restart Vassal. Would like to know how to fix this issue as it is quite irritating for the games that I have going when this happens. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Java to no avail.

I also have the exact same problem. This has happened with several different modules. Very hard to interact with the counters and menus.

Any help with this bug. I’ve re-installed Java, re-installed modules and this problem still occurs!!!

Multiple spawning windows is usually a sign of a video driver problem.

I would try updating or rolling back the video driver.