My Created Prototypes won't work.

Java Version: 1.6.0_25

Vassal Version 3.1.18

My particular problem is very wierd, I’m working on a module and I’m trying to create a prototype for a game piece that I have a large amount of.

I start with simply giving the prototype a “can rotate” trait because that’s all I really need it to do at the moment, however whenever I add the prototype’s name to the game piece, it doesn’t allow it to rotate.

I tried adding “can rotate” directly to the game piece, and it worked.
I tried remaking the prototype, didn’t work.
I tried checking the name of the prototype, didn’t have a difference.
I tried changing the prototypes name, didn’t work.

Then I went over to the other module that I use for reference.
Prototypes are setup exactly the same as mine, and they work.
I make a new prototype on the other module, it works.
I make a new game piece and give it my new prototype, it works.

Why are the prototypes not working on the new module I created? Is there some step i’m missing here?

Those sound like the correct steps. Does your prototype work for any other traits?

as far as I’m concerned, the prototypes don’t do anything at all for me. but it’s only the prototypes, putting the traits directly on the game piece make it work fine

primarily, my prototypes aren’t working on my module, if I make a prototype in the other module it works just fine, is there something I need to do with my module?

I think I found the cause, I had 2 prototype definition folders, so I moved my prototypes to the top folder and deleted the other one, now they work.

Sorry for the trouble.

Interesting, and good to know!

Yeah now that I think about it, I don’t think it’s even possible to have more than 1 prototype definition folder, but it would be very helpful to have more folders, because sometimes I need to copy prototypes in bulk and I have no convenient way of doing so.

Copy them to where?