My Problem is this....

… i can’t get vassal 3.0 to work, i tried web start and also the zip file but still no luck

i tried reinstalling java (VERSION 6 UPDATE 7),

but try as i might vassal 3.0 just wont work for me

vassal version 2.9 however does work fine,

my operating system is windows vista ultimate service pack 1,

the only error message is " could not create java virtual machine" which is pretty uninformative, im open to ideas…

i couldn’t see anything in the event viewer

Thus spake “berkh102”:

This is a known problem with 3.0, it happens on some Windows machines.
I think there’s a solution posted for it somewhere in the forums here.
I’ve never had a clear idea of what exactly causes the problem, myself,
though it’s solved in 3.1.0-beta2, because we use a completely different
installation method on Windows starting with 3.1.0.


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I encountered the same error when going to the Java website. They have a big green button that lets you check your current version, and clicking that produced the error immediately. I even deleted Java, reinstalled it using the version available at the main website, and went back to the website, and got the same “Cannot create Java virtual machine” error.

I downloaded the latest beta of Java (6u10) and tried it again–no more error. I don’t know if replacing your current Java installation with the latest beta will make a difference with the error you’ve got, but maybe it’s worth a try.

thnks ill try some of these betas after work