NADA Division 10 Duel Add Hoc Event being held. "The Vo

NADA is going to announce that a Division 10 Add Hoc Event will be held Friday Night, February 1st starting at 10pm EST.

At the Old Vortex Arena

It will be open to 8 drivers. No need for jumping rules, so do not worry about that.

The Event will be open for all League duelist and anyone else for that matter.

The Event will be a modified Vortex Event.

  1. All duelist will be at a rolling start 2 cars side by side ( in a random order) facing the counter clockwise position. Speeds will start at 50 MPH, Cars must have a minimum top speed of 100MPH

  2. There is a 5 second no fire rule after the start of the race.

  3. Drivers must enter a new ring each time they come to the lane change area. Failure to do so, will cost 1 point each time.

  4. Each ring will multiply kills scores. If the target is in that ring and is killed then the kill is multiplied as follows.
    Target in Ring 1 Kill X 1.0
    Target in Ring 2 Kill X 1.5
    Target in Ring 3 Kill X 2.0

  5. To reward speedsters, check points are placed on the map, these check points are worth .5 pts. (once driven over, it can not be claimed by anyone else.

  6. When a driver makes one loop around the inner ring, they may drive straight through to the finish line.

Drivers can build their own cars, or choose from the list provided.
Cars will follow all standard AADA rules.
Gas engines are allowed.

A car will be considered killed if

  1. It can not drive on its own power or effect the out come of the game (with ranged weapons)
  2. The driver is killed or knocked out.

The race will end at the end of 4 hours and scores will be tallied. OR when the first person crosses the finish line, then scores will be tallied.

Sign up will start right away.

Drivers are:

  1. DiceMan
  2. ShotGun
  3. Aylwin13
  4. Glenn Jupp
  5. Ehos
  6. ???
  7. ???
  8. ???

ShotGun Jolly

JC Locke

The Vortex arena will be available on the CW 3.0 Mod section.

4 more spots left… Meng? Bsmith?

3 more spots left…

Apologies - I have to get up early tomorrow morning for an all-day boardgaming marathon in Minneapolis (1 hour drive). There’s a remote possibility I’ll show up at the last minute to duel, but don’t count on it!


You game more then me! :slight_smile:

thats cool… hope you can make it :slight_smile:


The event starts 2pm Australian EST and I’m just about to leave to go to another gaming event so can’t make this one. Wish me luck for Friedrich and Eisenbach Gap though. :slight_smile:

With 6 players signed up for CW, you’ll be guaranteed that at least 3 will actually play. :laughing:

Hey BSmith,

We had a total of 5 people play! and had about another 5 spectators

Would have had 7 people play, but one never got there till 30 mins after we started, the the 7th was called away.

But over all great results!

Recap of Division 10 “Old Vector”

Great and super game last night! Had alot of fun, and the Old Vector is now one my most favorite arenas :slight_smile:

The first 5 seconds was filled with plenty of “crash to pass” action, paint, scuff marks, and lots of mirrors litter the start area :slight_smile:

Final results are:

Squeking out a win in the last 2 seconds of the match…
was Sturlson, whos spikes managed to take me out of the race!

  1. Sturluson (1 Kill)
  2. Diceman (1 check point)
  3. Glenn Jupp,Bierwulf (tie)
  4. ShotGun

Lots of Highspeed action, plenty of combat, and one HECK OF A SIZE Flamethrower!!!

Look forward to next match and results are now submitted to WADA.