Napoleon at war PBEM

Ant takers for a PBEM ?

Napoleon at war (SPI)
Battle of Nations
Napoleon’s last battle (SPI)
Borodino (SPI)

contact me 917-797-6787. or

Hi… if you know where I can find vassal modules for these games can I impose on you to drop me a note as to where I can download them? ---- --_ Thank you

MP sent

I would also be interested in getting modules for my old SPI quad flat packs. I have the following games:
Blue & Gray 1 and 2
Napoleon at War: Four Battles


Let’s try Marengo!
I haven’t played in years, but I’ll hunt it down and get familiar with it again.
also can contact at “
mark R

Hi Mark,

Was this reply to me? I would love to play. I also would need a little time to pull it out and read up. I will send you an email.


This thread may be dead. However, I am looking for a game of Wagram or Marengo. Go to to get the Blue & Grey modules. I am up for any of those games as well.

Hi Integral,
I would be up for a PBEM game of Wagram or Marengo or any of the Blue & Gray games. FYI, there is a B&G tournament going on. The updates are being hosted on and Russell Gifford is the GM. My contact info is aschmuck at


Great, yes Alan, the reply was to you.
I will get ready. No hurry.
Mark R