Napoleon's Triumph.

I am looking to play a couple of games of NT ~ one from each side of the board. I could start tomorrow morning. I haven’t played on the VASSAL system in a long time, yet I’ve played quite a bit of NT. Looking for a friendly and competitive game.

Let me know if you are interested.



I’d be interested in play. I am both new to Vassal and NT but would love to try a game either live or PBEM. I don’t own the game but I believe I can download the rulebook from their site.

I too am interested to play NT. I haven’t played it yet, but started already to study it and I’m not new to Vassal. Relaxed friendly games is the only way I play.



I’m also very interested to play “Baptism at Bull Run”, which it too is based on “Bonaparte at Marengo” (Simmons Games) … t_Bull_Run


I am in three games currently. Two competitive, and one that I am teaching. My “dance card” is full, though I suggest that you contact “nimtron” from the same posting, as he is new to NT and the two of you could get in a good few games. I would be more than willing to help you both with any rules questions.



I’d be interested in starting a casual learning game with you. I have been playing Twilight Struggle by email all weekend so I am becoming more familiar with Vassal. I will send you a PM to see if you are interested.

Thanks for the offer. Is the ruleset downloadable here ( … Diary.html) up to date? If not is there another download site or should I purchase the game… I was planning on it eventually.


Hi Ray,

The rules are available for anyone here: … zRules.pdf

As I understand VASSAL, they are the ones who request that you have a copy of the game, or at least one of the two people participating in a match have it. The game itself, out of the box, is a masterpiece. Having it will enhance your appreciation and enjoyment of it immensely.

Let me know how your game with Girogio progresses.



I and Ray are in contact and will start to play asap. I went through most the the rules and I have to admit they are pretty dense. They are written very well, but there are lots of ‘IF’ which will take quite a bit to sink in my simple mind :slight_smile:

I understood your gaming schedule is very full, but if you will be able to fit it in, a ‘live’ session (with either me or Ray, or both if our timezones (+10) will allow it)) it will surely greatly speed up our learning time.

BTW, Ray this is true also for just the 2 of us, as there are several interactions (combat rules are full of them) during a turn and exchanging PBEM files for each of them will slow down our learning quite a lot, while a live session will cut them off.

Moreover, I see the vassal module doesn’t support solo games unfortunately. I may try to add the ‘Solo’ feature to it, but can’t promise how long it will take me. I’m just creating my first vassal module and I have now a pretty good idea how to do it.



This is possible. I am typically up in the morning and going by 5:45, which would be 3:45 in the afternoon for you. Might I suggest that sometime this week you two create the game room, and set up your factions. Once your factions are set then I could join your game. One aspect of “playing live” on VASSAL is that you can also “pause the game” ~ saving it, then pick it back up at a later point.

This will most likely need to happen, as the learning curve for this game is high ~ and you are right the rules are well-written, yet very dense!

Saturday morning is also a possibility for me ~ my time (California) from 6:30-8am. Though the game will be “live” it most likely will need to be “sliced up” into smaller “bite sized” pieces. Translated, this means that the game is long ~ especially when you are beginning, and playing for say, an hour here, pausing the game, and picking it back up later to play, then pausing again, and so forth.

How does that sound?


Hi Will and Ray,

I fear your 6:30am is a bit too late for me, as it is shown here:

What about any times in a range starting after the pair:
my Sun 10:00 AM - your Sat 5:00 PM

to as late as you can afford?

At the moment, I can be available from my 10 am to my 10 pm almost every days. If using that link above you can find a time window that suit both, than we are in business.