Naval miniatures module project

I’m planning to design a module for naval miniatures gaming, to be used with rules such as Naval Thunder.
Any module I could use as a starting point? For starters I just need a sea map (no grid or anything, just a sea texture), and features to calculate distances / angles between counters and for movement. The physical game would use a 6’x4’ map.

Any help much appreciated.

To be honest even if you find one what you are looking for is easily built. You’d have all that in 2-3 hours.

For sea texture snap a picture from google earth or similar then scale it to fit your maps.

Range finders are easy to put in as an option.

Angle I’d use a circular piece that rotates 360 facings - or you could just use an overlay with arcs marked on.

Your pieces can have ‘move fixed distances’ traits and turn thru so many degrees. You can combine these with triggers so you destroyers turn and move in nice circles. I think you could have them leave wakes too if you fancy that.

VASSAL is really meant to replace a board and counters [though it could replace a tabletop set up] rather than supplement it. I’m dubious what benefits will accrue from having a VASSAL module if you are going to be using your ship models on the tabletop anyway.

I am updating a module and have maybe 50 optional maps gridded out.

Here is a link to my in testing versions.

Really I think you will want to figure out how to get a grid of the size you want over a map of your choice but feel free to download mine and tinker with it. I can see where fooling with existing settings can help show how this works.

Thanks for your answers. I actually don’t need a grid on my map. I will follow skarper’s advice. I’m afraid it will take much longer for me than 2-3 hours, but there’s no such thing as a free meal.
If you don’t mind, as you both seem to have much more experience in designing modules than I do, I’ll chime in from time to time when I’m stuck in the design process (which is bound to happen).

One question to skarper: what makes you say “I’m dubious what benefits will accrue from having a VASSAL module if you are going to be using your ship models on the tabletop anyway”? The module will include ships as well, of course.

I was curious how having the ships on the tabletop AND Vassal running would work or help things along also but on re reading your first post I’m not sure that is what you typed.

Oh, for my game I googled ocean and water and think I combined two images for the look under the hex map grid. I laid the grid on it before I realized that wasn’t entirely necessary as Vassal makes a good hex grid so I don’t believe I have a blank copy. For your game an 11 x 8 grid is too small if I recall?

For me, brighter ocean backgrounds are better than darker given my grey ships and black lettering.

I was assuming you wanted the VASSAL module to handle combat or somehow aid the tabletop game - which I think it wouldn’t really help with.

But if you have ship counters in the game you could use it instead of tabletop stuff when you didn’t have time or space - or to play remotely.

If it’s your first time designing a module then it will take more time than if you were already used to the process. Getting the graphics right can take a while.

I don’t stop be here all that often but will try to every few days. I’m no expert but I have done 2 big and complicated modules so may be able to help.