Am very big fan of naval warfare, over the years have aquired and ‘dis-aquired’ many. Now am playing several games of EOTS but feel the newed to explore this venue. several games come to mind and am looking for some feed back for type and number of active players. the flrrt series , war at sea, Ironclads, are all of interest. Not sure how the vassal experiance is with these so if anybody cares to respond thanks ahead of time.


If you like Empire of the Sun, consider Mark Hermann’s earlier masterpiece, Pacific War. I am playing this gem and am enjoying it immensely. If you think you would like to give it a go also please let me know. The play IS rather interactive so PBEM, which is all I’ve managed to arrange this far, takes some time.

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Hello Chris, have not played Pacific War , will have a look at it on BGG site. Are you playing the whole war or just scenarios?

My opponent and I started with a few battle scenarios and are now into the first campaign scenario, “Malaysia”.

Hi Greig, I am looking for an opponent for Wooden Ships & Iron Men (basic game rules), scenario: Ranger vs. Drake. If you are interested email me. Thanks.

wow have not played that one for a while, will look at mod and get back to you soon. if you have a preference to sides go ahead and send me a log.