Need 4th player for Sword of Rome or Napoleonic Wars

My Saturdays are usually free so that would work for me. If you meant Thursday evenings European time then that’s OK with me as well. Please let me know when you plan to play next.

Well, we never made it back together, unfortunately…

if anyone wants to try to re-organize a game, let me know. I’d be up for it. :slight_smile:

I’m also up. I suggest we use ACTS( to start a PBEM game and, in the future, try to get together to play real time whenever possible.

Well, I’ve never used PBEM.

I’d definitely need a walkthrough on using that program/website you posted.

But in the end, I’d still prefer to play live. :stuck_out_tongue:

When do you have time to play czmielon? Im in Texas, so GMT -6. Therefore, it would probably only be possible to play on the weekends, unless you can stay up extremely late on weekdays.

We could use ACTS to set up a multiplayer game, invite more players and then agree on a day when we could all get together and play. I think, however, that with 3 and more players involved it makes sense to play partly by email partly real time.Using ACTS is intuitive, you just need to sing up and then go to Napoleonic Wars section, the rest is self explanatory. It’s just to roll dice, deal cards and communicate, the moves have to be tracked in Vassal anyway. This weekend I’m busy but we could start next weekend (either the two of us or with other players).

Alright, so I was gonna try to set this thing up. What you wanna play? :stuck_out_tongue:

barbarossa to Berlin
Paths of Glory
Napoleonic Wars
For the People

I’d reaaaallly like to try Successors. Have you played that czmielon? Wouldn’t we need like 5 players?

Sorry for my late reply. How about B2B? I dont know successors. As to Napoleonic Wars you can join the open game at ACTS, with you there will only be one player missing before we can start.