Need 4th player for Sword of Rome or Napoleonic Wars

Hello all,

Red Fox, Rike, and I are looking for a fourth player to join us for a game of Sword of Rome (the 5th player edition is not available on vassal, though I have put in a request) or The Napoleonic Wars.
Playing times are flexible.


I would love to play sword of rome. Ive play the Napoleonic game (not my fav from GMT) and would play that was well.

Email me at

Also have a flexible schedule to play live.

Hey bessieres, glad to have you. I sent you an email.

Red Fox, Rike, Bessieres, how is Saturday for you guys? That’s the best day for me. Red Fox says his computer should be ready to go by then. =)

I can play Sundays too, but only before 18:00. So, Saturday is definitely better.

I can be free…it is short notice tho


Short notice? Well, it is a week. I’m just eager to start because I can only play for another week or two, then I’m moving and will have to take at least a week off or so. That’s all. Hope it doesn’t cause any trouble if we do play Saturday. All depends on Red Fox getting his computer back up to speed.

Everything is ok again :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Saterday will be fine. What are we playing, Swords of Rome?

Just to make sure: Chris, Rike and myself are from Europe (GMT + 1)

Awesome sounds good. I haven’t heard from Rike yet, so I’ll try to get in touch with him again.

Saturday would be great. Bessieres, I sent you an email, not sure you received it since I never got an answer.

What would be a good time? Saturday, 12:30pm Central European Time (Sweden/Germany)?

It works for me too!

See you saturday!


Red Fox says he will be unable to play past 18:00/6pm our time. This means that, unless another problem comes up, we will play at 17:00/5pm our time, 10am Bessieres’ time, but without Red Fox. That is because I have another player who much prefers a 17:00 start time to 12:30.

So…Saturday, 17:00 Germany/Sweden, 10am Chicago.

And Sword of Rome it is. Any preferences when it comes to who wants to be who?

I can tell you:

-Romans can be hard, but can also be the easiest. It all depends how you approach the beginning and how good your die rolls are.
-Gauls are pretty easy. Have to watch out for the Transalpines in their rear, but other than that they really only have 1 direction to go.
-Greeks are semi-difficult. Good armies, leaders, but have to fight off Carthage in Sicily.
-Etruscan-Samnites are by far the most difficult. Split in 2, vulnerable position, enemies on all fronts. Their cards are killer though. They’re good to have fun, but not so much to win.

I’ve managed to win with Rome, Greece, and Carthage in the 5 player edition, but I’m 0 for 1 with the E/S and have never played Gaul.

Bessieres, what happened? We waited until about 4:30 your time and then dispersed… =/

Ah well. Let us know if you want to continue. Right now we’ve agreed to meet on Thursday at 2pm your time, and I think you can’t make that if I recall correctly. Therefore, I’ve asked Red Fox if he wants to finish the game for you. If not, we’ll probably just start a game of Napoleonic Wars. We’ll see.

Can I join your game of Napoleonic Wars? Please let me know in advance, I own a copy but haven’t read the rules yet.

Hey Czmielon

We’ve already started our Napoleonic Wars game. If you like, I think you could jump in. It’s up to Rike, because he plays Austria/Russia, so you both would split those two I suppose.

We’ve played only the first turn.

We’re planning to play 21:00 on Thursday night, German time. If you’d like to show up, that would be fine. :slight_smile:

Do you have msn? if so, add me:

And Rike’s msn is:

I’ll try to read the rules by Thursday, don’t have MSN but that’s a minor problem. I’ll try to be there and know the rules on Thursday night, see u then.

You don’t have to read all the rules. Just read over them and that should be ok. We were all a bit shaky with the rules (and still are!) when we started the game, but we did ok. =)

I haven’t read the rules yet, wanted to join you to observe but realized there is no Vassal module for Napoleonic Wars!! How do you play it then??

Hey czmielon,

we didn’t play Thursday. I wasn’t able to make it because Im trying to move into a new apartment in the US, Emmett simply forgot about it when I told him I wouldn’t be able to make it, and Rike thought it was Friday. So, you didn’t miss anything. :stuck_out_tongue:

The vassal module is under “THE Napoleonic Wars”

Under ‘T’

We’re trying to figure out a new time to play. What is good for you? Im in the US so I can’t play early in Europe. =/
7 hours difference.

So Sorry…i was stuck and work way past 6pm that day and after that it totally slipped my mind. Hope you guys played on w/o me or found a replacement.


OK, found it.

The best time for me to play would be 6-10pm (gmt+1) work days or any time during the weekends (except late at night).

We havent played on Bessieres. :stuck_out_tongue:

czmielon. Best time for me, since I am in the US now, would be Saturdays or Thursday evenings. I’m afraid we don’t have a lot of times that overlap beause of the 7 hour time difference. =/