Need a player for a v40K tournament.

My friends and I are about to start a warhammer 40k tournament via vassal but unfortunately one of the players has had to drop out and the way the tournament is structured we need 6 people. The way the tournament is structured there is not a set number of rounds. If you join our game your must be willing to commit to 4-10 matches played at least once every other week (Though we’d love to try for weekly games)

We don’t all play at a set time or day. Each round you will have a different opponent and it is up to everyone involved to schedule their own matches with whomever they are playing in a given week. We all have different schedules and live in several time zones so we understand that getting in a match every week might be impossible but by joining our game you are committing to making a solid effort to schedule and play your matches in a timely fashion.

We are super lighthearted and easy going gamers. You wont have to worry about any rules lawyers. We know there can be balance issues with the current edition (all editions) of 40k so we make it a point not create cheesy army builds. If you can appreciate a group of non-power gamers then this is the game for you.

Experience level does not matter, it helps if you have the books but I do happen to have the core and all codexes (codices?). One of the rules of our game is that no two players may field the same faction. The following factions are already taken; Space Marines*, Tyranids, Imperial Guard, Chaos Space Marines, and Eldar. *We consider Grey knights to be different enough from the other space marine armies that they are available to anyone who wants to player them.

Is this still open? I am a player from a while ago who no longer has the books. I would be a Tau player.