Need Alpha Playtesters - Trivial Wars

The new and vastly improved version of Trivial Wars is ready for alpha testing. It’s almost fully automated but, being as I can’t test many aspects of the game without a group of players, I’m sure they’ll be some bugs that need to be squashed and some revisions made before releasing it publicly.

I’m looking for players to join us in the alpha testing which is currently scheduled for some time next Sunday, July 3. I have myself and a buddy that will definately be there and one other “most likely”. I’d like to have 4 or more people. We probably won’t play a full game as the emphasis will be on testing the game mechanics.

I will probably broadcast the play testing session on my live feed and I’ll be in the Vassal IRC if anyone wishes to make comments or suggestions.

I’ll be using my Ventrilo server for voice communication so testers will need a Ventrilo client.

They’ll also need to have at least one set of trivia cards …although the game is more interesting using a shuffled stack of cards from several card sets.

You can check out the revised web page for game details and if you’d be interested in joining us for the alpha testing, drop me a note at

Happy Gaming!

A friend and I are going to be testing TW today (Sunday, July 3) at Noon (pacific time) and we could really use one more player …otherwise we won’t be able to test the Stealing system.

Drop me an E-mail if you’re interested in joining us.