Need Claustrophobia opponent

This game looks awesome and I’d like to find someone to play a few of the scenarios against. I’ll do either side, humans or demons. Not really picky. I own the game and am familiar with the rules (which look pretty simple), but have never played. So if you are highly skilled at Claustrophobia, don’t expect a stern challenge from me right off the bat. But if you are a newbie like me, or don’t mind playing newbies, let me know and we’ll play.

I am in US Eastern time zone (New York) GMT-5. My best times to play are Wednesdays, Thursday and Friday nights from about 9:00 p.m. until midnight and anytime on weekends with advance notice.

Hi dear,
i will read rules this week.

And if you search again a opponent, i wiil like to play with you.

Let me know if i’m prepare or not.

Thanks you.

That sounds great! Just let me know when you’d like to play.

Im up for some Claustrophobia aswell. Seems like a fun game and a great way of learning Vassal I guess if you have patience with a newbie…


I’m looking forward to playing. Let’s work out via PM a good day and time and we’ll give it a try.

Don’t worry about being a newbie. I just got the physical copy of the game the other day and have never played it, nor have I used the Vassal module for Claustrophobia … though I have played many other games via Vassal.

anybody interested in playing this PBEM now?

I want to play claustrophobia. Anyone can pm me for next 365 days if interested.