Need Help Making a Module

Hi all,

I am new to the site and could really use some help. I teach community college in Phoenix, Arizona and I’m looking to convert a boardgame I created for one of my classes into an assignment my students can do online. I played the game with my students this past spring, and they had a great time. The mechanics and gameplay are fairly robust (fingers crossed), but I was hoping to use it online as well.

Would anyone be willing to help me create a module for this game. It is called Erosion and downloadable here (if you want to print it to play, I recommend printing the components on 11 x 17 cardstock):
(just click on “erosion game”)

The game simulates mountain weathering and erosion. Players bid on and acquire various weathering and hillslope processes using the sediment they have collected in their delta as the coinage. The winner is the player with the most sediment in their delta the first time a mountain is completely eroded. It is little complicated at first, but once you get the hang of the mechanics, its a lot of fun to play.

I could really use some help. I have tried to make the module myself three times and just can’t visualize how the game is actually coming together.

I know this is a huge favor, so I would be extremely helpful for any advice or guidance.


Dr. John Douglass