Need Help with BattleTech: Domination Module

Hi everyone, I’m new to the VASSAL forums but have already created a working module for the BattleTech: Domination card game. ( … Domination). BTD is a deck-building card game inspired by Dominion but set in the BattleTech universe, so I relied heavily on the existing Dominion module when creating the BTD module.

I’m having trouble adding a couple features to the module and could use some help. My apologies if these issues have been answered somewhere else already, but I searched the wiki, tutorials, and forums and couldn’t find the answers I needed.

  1. How can an action buttons(s) or GKC(s) be added to draw a set number of cards (1 or 5) from a deck on the main game board into the player’s hand? I successfully added a Move to Location command to the cards that works properly, but for some reason the GKC/ActionButton is not applying the command properly. Perhaps I’m not using trigger actions properly. Can somebody walk me through this? :confused:
    1b) When using an action button or GKC to apply a Send to Command to multiple cards at once, is it possible to automatically space the cards out evenly or tile them in the new location? Currently, all of the cards are piled in a stack in the middle of the new location.

  2. Is there a way that a counter can be added to the main game board to automatically sum up the “attack value” of all of the cards in a given location on the game board? More specifically, in BTD the players will lace cards representing military units into their respective deployment zones. Each card has an attack and defense value. I’d like to add counters to the game board that displays the total attack and defense values of all of the units currently in the player’s deployment zone. From what I can tell, it seems like this should be possible by defining a global property called “attack_value” and using prototypes to define a numerical value for the attack_value property for every card… but I haven’t gotten it to work. Is this possible?

Bonus question) One of the empty decks on the main board has Save and Load embedded in the right-click menu for some reason, and I can’t figure out why or how to remove it. I built the module from scratch… any idea how the Save/Load commands got there and how I can remove them?

Thanks in advance for the help!!! :smiley: