Need some help please...

Earlier today I tried to install the mod “B-17 Queen of the Skies” and I cannot get Vassal to launch it.

Ive installed into my Vassal Folder, and I get 3 icons when I do. I get a text document, a B-17 Icon, and a Unknown file that my cpu doesnt know what program to use to launch it.

The Notepad is just release/update notes, the Icon is just that… a Icon, and the Unknown (which I think is the mod itself) is just that.

I have the newest version of Vassal. Is it because the mod is old and it is no longer compatable?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Would love to play this game again after all this time.


Thus spake “jp400”:

What’s the name of the unrecognized file? If it has a “.mod” extension,
then it’s a module, but using the old naming convention. New modules
have the “.vmod” extension, and will be recognized by Windows as VASSAL

If this is the case for you, try opening the .mod file with VASSAL.


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