Need suggestion for making another mod

I’m learning quick, Anyone care to look over my games and request a module to be made? I need more practice.

Where can I find this game list?


I see you own Druid. Why don’t you download my module and see if you can make any improvements?

ok will do, what were you thinking for improvements?

Nothing in particular, but it could use some polish.

Part of learning how to make mods is figuring out where you can tweak things a little bit to make them really shine.

I could throw a few suggestions at you, but I’d rather you come up with them yourself. :wink:

Imperium Romanum II would be a REALLY cool module.
It would be nice to see all those Rob Markham Medieval/Renaissance quad games get a treatment.
S&T Monmouth always got a bad rap for the timing of its publication, but it is a beautiful game. EDIT - but this one you can not put on the VASSAL site thanks to the DG/Hexwar deal so forget that one.

Since you were asking for ideas, though I have no business telling anyone else to make more modules since I have not finished the ones I am doing…

(for instance you could take Brian Train’s Freikorps module that is sitting with no progress for months off my hands but I would need to get Brian’s permission to dump it on you, I am sure he would agree though since he might like to see it actually get done - I have all the scans and the map is done but it could benefit from some thought put into organizing the counters to keep the file size way down)

so I will start on re making Duel in the Desert, fancy up Druid, and look at putting up some 3w Markham Games. Should keep me busy for a while. IR2, we will see how it goes. Let’s see how I do on what I have before I pick up another. Plate is full now. Thanks. This is what i have done with Druid so far. Just putting my touch on it.

lol, if you want something easy, I don’t see a Chinese Checkers module. That would be kind of cool. :laughing:

I’d like to see Sands of War with the expansion. That way, I won’t have to do it.