Need to recreate Game Piece Palette in my module

This question isn’t as simple as it sounds. I’ve resumed work on a module for my Ancients gaming system called Optio and I find the Game Piece palette is no longer there (must have deleted it by mistake or something). That means I can’t create new pieces. I created a Games Piece palette but now I find I can’t move the pieces I create there into the appropriate army folders. Can anyone help?

Here’s a screenshot to show what I mean. I want to create a game piece and then move it for example into the Seleucid army list. How do I do that?

Many thanks in advance.

Here is a screenshot of the module structure:

OK I think I’ve solved it. After creating the original Game Piece Palettes I created Chart Window Menu palettes and moved the game pieces into them, then deleted the original Game Piece palettes. I then found that it was impossible to subsequently create a game piece palette from which game pieces could be moved into the Chart Window palette and hence impossible to add any new game pieces to the Chart Window. I’ve had to recreate the game pieces in new game piece palettes which I can now add to in the future. A little (!) trap to look out for.

Don’t ever delete your only Piece Palette :stuck_out_tongue: It’s easy enough to simply hide it from the players if they don’t need access to it.

As a best practice, I have found that defining a master “Designers” Piece Palette (hidden from players) and a more limited “Players” Piece Palette, gives me the best of both worlds.

@ Development Team - I suggest a feature request to prevent deleting a module’s Piece Palette IF only one exists.

As long as a Game Piece is defined somewhere in the module (palette, at-start stack, deck), it can be copied and pasted to another palette, stack, or deck.

I’ve made several wargame modules that have no Game Piece Palette, in which all game-pieces are defined within At-Start Stacks. These are games where each piece is unique (and consequently given no Clone or Delete command).

I wouldn’t want vassal to require any module component that the designer does not use.

@rdmorss - WHY would you delete the piece palette?

If nothing else, it’s a convenient place to have ALL defined units/markers/counters in a single place to ease future maintenance.

If you don’t want the players to have access to it, simply hide it so they can’t use it in game…

I see no advantage to not having Piece Palette and many disadvantages…