This has nothing to with Vassal and I apologize for taking up the space. But this is something that everyone here might want to know.

If you do a lot surfing for free apps, desktop themes, wallpapers and what not, DO NOT agree to install anything that also requires you to install NetDotNow! NetDotNow is a squirrely firm who pays hosts for taking-on their addware to free app EXEs.

If you agree to installing NetDotNow this is what will happen to you...

You are stuck with having popups, toolbars, and whatever else they can think of to send you anytime they want. If you try and remove NetDotNow from your system you will not be able to access the internet. You can still connect to your ISP, but your browser and mail client will have already been castrated and useless.

Simply trying to tweak your registry, startup apps, reinstalling your browser and mail or reinstalling your networking software will not save you! You will still be owned!

I've had this happen twice now. I was never able to assertain what file (if any) was blocking my connection. My guess is these fart sniffers have rigged their EXE installs to mess you up unless you allow and keep their crap active. Only way I was able to fix this was with a reformat and OS reinstall.

Anyhow. Please pass this on to everyone you know. Or if anyone knows of a quick fix please email me at