Never played on Vassal before...

Looking to try out Vassal and willing to play pretty much anything. I own paths of glory but have never had a chance to play it, so maybe we could play that.

But I am open to pretty much anything if you need an opponent for a different game!

Your post almost perfectly describes my situation. The only difference is that I do not own paths of glory. I have never played on Vassal but since I like boardgames I am willing to play a little bit every day just to take a few turns with no rush. I am up to playing anything but maybe excluding really hard and heavy titles or wargames for the beginning. I would rather go for something above mediocre player.

In real life I played:

Lords of Waterdeep
King of New York
Chang Cheng

I would like to try some other games, since there are some award winning titles or the games that everybody should now but then I do not really have much time and money to spend on boardgaming. That’s why let’s go VASSAL! (I will need to learn to use it though, never played with it) I am up to downloading the rules of a suggesting a game and then playing PBEM or real time with potential breaks.

Feel free to message me or send me an email:

Paths of Glory is a wargame, strategic level about WW1. It is a ‘card-driven’ game, where as the game uses cards for the player to conduct their actions. There are plenty of intro war and strategy games out there. Just all to what suits your taste.

I play POG and many of the other CDG’s out there, as well as other wargames.

Never played a game like Paths of Glory. I already felt overwhelmed after looking at pictures of the board and amount of time it takes for a game (480 min!). I dont know how much time it would take via PBEM but I would rather try it using VASSAL than sit for 8 hours…
Anyways I am up to anything, I just want to try out the VASSAL engine because I never had a chance.

PoG is a great game to play on Vassal.

My time can be a bit limited (perhaps one hour sessions), I;m in the UK so currently on GMT +1 (for British Summer Time), how does that match with you?


I am looking for someone to play a mlp game with me. let me know if you are interested

I currently live in Denmark so it’s the same time zone. I probably won’t have time for live gaming till the end of the vacation so due to my strict schedule I’d rather try PBEM. Is it possible to switch from PBEM to live in a middle of one game? So if we both happen to have time at the same moment we would just continue the game on skype?