New 'About Game' item in 3.1?

On the Mac version of 3.1, a new About ‘Game’ item appears to have been added to the Game menu. However, the graphic used here is the green ‘Battleship and X-wing’ Vassal splash image. And it only displays the Vassal version number; it doesn’t tell you anything about the actual module. I don’t see anywhere this item can be configured or removed.

3.0 displayed this information in the Help menu if you set up an ‘About’ screen. I notice that it’s still there in 3.1, but it actually displays the Vassal version and the module version number too, like it should. I usually use a box cover image for this menu item and I’d like to do that for the new one.

Is there someplace to configure the appearance and graphic used for the new menu item, or even turn it off?

It’s under Module->Help Menu->About Module in the module editor tree.

The default is the VASSAL splash screen as you describe.

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Thus spake “mycenae”:

What you’re saying you see does not match what I think should be there.

Under the Help menu, there should be an item with a user-configurable
name (default is “About Module”) and an item labeled “About VASSAL”.
“About Module” displays an image of the module designer’s choosing,
configurable from the Editor, along with the module name and version,
and the version of VASSAL being used. “About VASSAL” always displays the
image which used to be our splash screen, and the version of VASSAL being

Does what you see match this? If not, how does it differ?


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The Help menu item is still there, and as you say, it’s configurable under the Module → Help Menu → About Module. The modules I designed under 3.0 all have box-cover graphics in place of the default splash.

What I’m having the problem with is something new to 3.1.

Example, for a ‘Grav Armor’ module, when I open the mod in 3.1 on a Mac, the menu bar across the top of the screen reads

Grav Armor File Help

The ‘Grav Armor’ menu has the items
About Grav Armor (this is the problematic one)
Hide Grav Armor, etc.
Quit Grav Armor

File menu has
Play Scenario
Load Continuation, etc.
Save Game

Help menu has
About Grav Armor (which I’ve configured myself with a new splash screen and works correctly.)

The Grav Armor > About Grav Armor item is the new one I’m talking about. This is where the default Vassal splash is shown, and doesn’t appear to be configurable.

In the editor, I see an item under Help menu for Add About Screen, but this just configures the Help menu item, not the ‘Grav Armor’ menu item.

Thus spake “mycenae”:

I thought it would be something like this. The one which you see as
Grav Armor > About Grav Armor would be Help > About VASSAL on any other
OS, due to the way that Macs handle About items.

I’m unsure how best to repair this. Maybe the module’s About item should
be in the application menu, and VASSAL’s About item should be in the Help
menu on the Mac?


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