New and was wondering.

I have an updated module for Gears of War the board game. I got the one off this site first and added the missing cards and some extra to it. Just was wondering where and how do I upload it. Thanks for any replies in advance

Go to the Modules tab of this site. At the top of this is information on uploading modules.

My guess is, you would be helping Maintain an existing module, and would upload a “dot.x” version (if the old module was v 1.3, you would be uploading 1.4, or even 1.35 if the change was slight enough.

Before doing that, you might try to contact whoever is listed as the module’s author or maintainer, just as a courtesy.

Oh I didn’t think it was that simple at first. Cool thank you Stiglr for your help. I’ll get to writing the person who made the mod first.

No big changes. I add’d the rest of the mission cards plus a custom mission I found and some Character cards just to make the game a little more fun. Thanks for reminding to change the version number i forgot to do that. Thanks again.

Hello! I would be interested in this update to the Gears of War module. :slight_smile: Is there any news?