New Atlantic Wall (SPI) module upload: not showing on module page

Question: On Sept. 17, I uploaded 2 new versions of the module for SPI’s Atlantic Wall (v. 1.80 and 1.80A with a slightly revised map). I also edited the comments to include a change log for the modules.

The comment changes showed up on the page a while ago, but I fear I may have screwed something up with the file uploads. I can see them when I check the page for file uploads, but they don’t appear on the module page. Appreciate any ideas on what is going on. Thanks!

–Dave Conn

What are the names of the files you tried to upload?

You edited the module page with the change log, but you didn’t edit the module file list to include links to the new versions. You need to go back to the module page, edit it again, and add the new versions to the list of files near the top. Just copy the line for version 1.6, change the filename to match your new files (Aw-spi-v1-80.vmod & Aw-spi-v1-80A.vmod), and change the VASSAL compatibility field as appropriate, too.

Aw-spi-v1-80.vmod and Aw-spi-v1-80A.vmod



I think you didn’t succeed at uploading the files. I don’t see them amongst the uploaded files nor in the the moderation queue.

Look again. I found them among the other files uploaded on September 17th.
(Using this link:

17 September is much longer ago than I checked for. It does appear that the files are present. So the next step is to add entries for them on the module page.

I did add descriptions and changes from the original module, also on Sept 17, and those changes already appear on the Atlantic Wall module page. Is there something else I should be doing?


OK, I think maybe I figured it out. I tried again, and got a message saying the file had been sent to moderation, so hopefully I’m back in the normal process.

Try again. You didn’t manage to save your edits.

Thank you, Joel. I tried again by editing the files section, adding the files, and clicking “Save Changes.” Then got a “Pending Review” message. Does this mean I’ve done it correctly? I appreciate all your help!


No, you still haven’t managed to save any changes.

Sorry, it’s not clear to me what I need to do to save changes. I’ve been clicking “edit” on the files section of the module page, and then uploading the files by entering the file names on the subsequent page, and then clicking “Save Changes” under the file name box. I’m assuming there is another “save changes” place I’m missing. Any guidance appreciated.


You shouldn’t be trying to upload any files. The files have been there since September. You need to add entries for the files to the Files table.

What you need to add to the Files section is something like this, adjusted to match the details for your file:


Ahh (light goes on). I think I understand now, and I’ve hopefully done it correctly. Thank you for your help; I’m totally unfamiliar with HTML.


I see your change in the moderation queue; it looks correct.

The markup isn’t HTML, it’s MediaWiki’s own markup language.

I guess that makes me doubly ignorant; thanks again.


OK, everything I have uploaded to the Atlantic Wall page is now showing, but the format is messed up somehow. It looks fine when I “preview” it, but on the final page it seems that somewhere in the middle of what I uploaded the formatting changes the page to 2 columns. I’m at a loss; any help appreciated!


You haven’t followed the template from How to Create a Module Page correctly. Ignore for the moment the difference between the example’s ModuleFilesTable2 and that you used ModuleFilesTable, as it’s not relevant to the problem.

Here’s the example (note what I’ve circled in red, which must appear on the last line of the table code portion):

Here’s your page’s code at present:

Add the missing |} and preview.

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Thanks for your help. I did not create the page, but clearly did something when I was adding to it, and I appreciate your sorting it out.