New bugs in 3.6.8 for SW:Armada module

Updated the module to 3.6.8 to look for new bugs.

Vassal renamed all my ships to:

(P) (P) (R) (D)


(before they had funky SW names, like Imperial Star Destroyer etc)

What are the steps for replicating the problem?

Install 3.6.8.

Open module (4.7.0) for editing OR just start the module using 3.6.8

Under Pieces → Each of the 4 factions, Capital ships have been renamed.

Same goes for squadrons really, but here the renaming is different.

Please try the VASSAL-3.6.9-73f24ac-piececloner_fix from our builds archive. Does that fix the problem for you?

I tried the piececloner_fix version, but unfortunately, the problem persists.

Both when I just run the 365 version of the module and when I edit it to update to new version.

We’ve found the breaking commit.

We’re not sure presently if the commit has a bug of if it’s correcting a bug that your module depended on.

Please try VASSAL-3.6.9-352c5a9-master from the build archive. Does that fix the problem for you?

This build fixes the problem.

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