New Feature. Fun! Yay! Test! Mats...

There’s a new 3.6 feature that has now worked its way into the latest 3.6 snapshots: “Mats” (be sure to get a 3.6 snapshot, not a 3.5.6 snapshot)

(1) You add a “Mat” trait to some big flat piece (like a “ship” or, well, a “mat”).
(2) You add a “Mat Cargo” trait to some smaller pieces that could be dragged/moved onto the “Mat” (or “Ship”).

Result… when the Mat is selected (clicked on, whatever), all the Cargo pieces ALSO get auto-selected by default, so that when you drag the Mat somewhere the Cargo all comes too and maintains the same facing. Likewise if the Mat is Send-to-Location’ed or Move-Fixed-Distance’d, the Cargo pieces will come as well if they’re on top of the Mat.

If you put the Mat Cargo trait at/near the bottom of the trait list, it will also make the Cargo match facing if the Mat is rotated.

All kinds of stuff you can make with this (I plan to use it to make Almoravid, the next module in the Nevsky “Levy and Campaign” series.

But please test and let us know what you find. AND, if there stuff you’d definitely want to make with this, but it’s missing “just this one small thing” then especially let us know that, because 3.6 is our big chance to release new “features”.


p.s. Yay!