"New Game" Option Missing

When I start my module I get the usual startup screen. When I select “Start new game offline” I get the drop down list with all of my pre-defined setups present and correct, including a Blank setup I created that includes a Notes template for scenario creation.

However, whatever startup options I select I now no longer see any option to start New Game under the File menu. Again, the list of pre-defined setups is complete there.

Any ideas on this one, anyone?

Best wishes.


If you add a pre-defined setup to a module the New Game option no longer shows. If you still want it you have to add it manually by adding a pre-defined setup with Use pre-defined file? unchecked.

To allow you to fully customise the scenario options in your module, the New Game option dissappears when you add a pre-defined Setup component. You need to create your own ‘new game’ setting by adding a pre-defined scenario that has neither the Parent Ment? or Use pre-defined file? options selected

Thanks guys - perfect!

I have the same problem, but haven’t predefined setup.

So, When the New Game option works?