New here - looking for a game

Hi All,

I am new to Vassal and looking for a game.

I live in Hong Kong so PBEM is probably the best option.

At the moment I can play these games on Vassal:

Paths of Glory
Pursuit of Glory
Triumph of Chaos
Spanish Civil War (GMT)
Shifting Sands

I am willing to play others if I have or can get the rules or can share rules.

Mostly I like historical wargames but will play some Euros e.g. Making of the President 1960

Will consider anything!


Hi there,

I’d like to play 1960: The Making of the President.

I prefer to play online with Skype.

I live in Canberra Australia so only +2 hours different from Hong Kong.

I can play day or night but Tuesday and weekends are usually not available.

Let me know if you want a game.


Eric Topp