New Image loading


Could you give a super-brief rundown on the correct way to load an Image using your new SourceOp stuff?


Thus spake “Brent Easton”:

If you’re loading an image from the archive, do this:

SourceOp op = Op.load(“someimage.png”);

In order to get the image synchronously, do this:

Image img = op.getImage(null);

In order to get the image asynchronously, you need to supply
an ImageOpObserver (like Repainter):

Image img = op.getImage(new Repainter(component, rectangle));


Future fut = op.getFutureImage(new Repainter(component, rectangle));

depending on whether you need the Future for some reason (Board needs the
Futures, most other things don’t right now).

If you want a paricular tile and not the whole image, there are getTile() and
getFutureTile() methods, also.

I see now that none of my Javadoc made it into the current versions of many
of the imageop classes. I’ll have to fix that this evening.


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