New Map and Game Piece Ratio

Alright So I created an new Map as an extension, fit the number of desired hexes through the awesome interface which was very very easy and great. My problem is the Game Piece ratio is gigantic and my hexes are very small. Is there a way to use an specific Game Piece ratio to fit the pieces into the hexes for a specific map without coding? Or is this some coding?

This is image editing software work (e.g., an ImageMagick script) to bulk resize your game piece images. There isn’t support for dynamically resizing images to match others. So for instance, if your map is at 100 pixels per inch and your game pieces are at 200 pixels per inch, the pieces will look huge compared to the hex grid. Harmonize everything on a single resolution.

There will be a way to do this in V4, but for V3 you should rescale the images.

Photofiltre also allows you to bulk resize images.

Thank you! Will rescale the images.