New member need help

Hello, just signed up, want to play with friends old AH games, but can’t see how it’s done. Can somebody help me?

I thought that this video gives a good intro, does it help you any ?

Vassal is 3 parts, the vassal software, java and the modules. If you think about a module as being like a excel spreadsheet, you open excel then the spreadsheet. Same is true for vassal you open vassal then open the module you want to play.

When you install vassal and you may need to bypass warnings from your browser to download and run it, it will also install java if needed. Once that is downloaded and installed go to the modules page and find and download a module for a game you own and want to play.

Go to the forums and find an opponent for the game. Then you have 2 ways of playing, you can use a log file to record your move for Play By Email or you can go to the vassal server and play live depending on you and your opponents preferences.

When you load a module to play you will have to create a username and password for the module.

Easy peasy so where are you hung up?

This hasn’t been true for a long time. VASSAL started coming with the self-contained Java bits required to run it as of 3.3.0, almost 3.5 years ago. Readers/lurkers shouldn’t come away with the impression they need to do anything like install Java separately (no point to doing so, VASSAL won’t use it).