New Module: Dead of Night

Dead of Night is a 1 to 6 player game based on scenarios you might recognize from various zombie films.

There is no 'Zombie Master' here: all the players are on the same side, all working together to survive, although the option to use other players as zombie bait while you grab all the guns and lock yourself in the cellar is there if you prefer. Either way, you will need to use strategy and your (fresh and spicy) brains as well as chainsaws and shotguns to make it through the night.

Each scenario has a location to be explored, and an objective to be fulfilled, but if things don't go well just survival may be enough. Cards drawn throughout the game may help or hinder your progress, but as the night draws on you can be sure things are going to get much worse before you see the sun again.

The game ends when somebody fulfils the main objective (eg, escaping in a fuelled up vehicle), or at daybreak, which brings respite in the form of an advancing army patrol. If you can survive until the end of the game, you are a winner. The survivor who best fulfils their objectives will come out on top.