New Module for A Game of Thrones! - 9 players version.

A Game of Thrones 9 players (version of West2) has been released:

* Developed based on the version created by West2 for 9 players
* Added map for 9 players
* Added Houses Arryn, Tully and Targaryen
* Added One-Time orders tokens (explained in the war room)
* Rules and FAQ for A Game of Thrones and A Clash of Kings, included in help menu
* Dragons Tokens Added (new targaryen unit)
* Westeros fourth deck added
* Added the cards in the expansion A Clash of Kings, and own created by West2 for new homes.
* Save games are in mod. (File - New Game)
* Version "briefly" tested. If there is an error, send me an email and I will correct.