New Module - Invasion Norway

Invasion: Norway is an excellent game that was marred by printing errors on the maps and counters when it was released, causing it to be poorly received. However, the Vassal module fixes those shortcomings (as well as adds additional enhancements), making the game very playable and enjoyable.

Invasion: Norway uniquely combines Air, Land, and Sea operations with the need to supply your army and air force in a rugged country with bad weather. Optional rules introduce Naval Supply, which makes it even more difficult to operate in the far northern reaches of Norway.

I have incorporated all official errata into the rules and the components, (which are also posted on the vassal page), as well as other errata and enhancements that that were found while creating the module. Most of the additional errata was verified with Tony Curtis of GMT Games (who was a play tester of the game when it was released) if the intent of the rules wasn’t clear from the context.

There are also many improvements to the maps, rules and charts included in the module, in addition to added counters for tracking hex control, rail usage, attacks, supply, airfield upgrades and others.

There is an excellent QuickStart Guide included with the game, plus a well written After Action Report written by David Fox from C3i magazine that makes learning the game easy.

If you are at all interested in the Norwegian Campaign from WWII, you should definitely give this game a try.

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