New Module : La Bataille de Hanau (Vive l'empereur serie)

Module : La bataille de Hanau

Thanks for this new module but I guess you have forgotten the French side in the start menu: We can only choose the Austo-Baravian or solo side !

Sounds like the French side was still occupied at the moment the predefined setup file was saved. If the designer loads that setup, switches to observer, saves, and puts that altered predefined setup back into the module that’ll fix it.

Correct !
I’ll fix it in the next couple of minutes !

Should be OK now. Let me know if not.

Sorry, but now the file is not avalable anymore ! it says ““VE_Hanau_1.0.vmod” does not exist”

It’s possible the module was uploaded in the few hours between when we had a site problem and the previous backup a few weeks ago. Try uploading it again.

yes, the page is waiting for approval.

Now it works perfectly, thank you guys !