New Module - Russian Civil War 1918-1922 2nd Edition

This has been done for a couple of years. I did it right after I did the original RCW game but never bothered to post it.

One issue with 2nd Ed is the map is massive, and square. That made it problematic for most modern, rectangular, monitors. I took the original map and significantly edited it for 2nd Ed use and made it more user friendly for Vassal use. So, don’t let the map fool you, it’s completely 2nd Ed.

FWIW, we played two games of 2nd Ed. At first glance, all the new rules seem appropriate but when you play the game, the result is “why bother?” In fact, it’s harder to achieve a White victory despite all the additional rules that are clearly aimed at making White victories more achievable (they are rare occurrences in the original). Whenever we get around to playing RCW again, it’ll be the original. It’s an elegant design.

Did you intend for this to be in the News category? Would you provide a link to the module page?

I wasn’t sure where to put it. Should it go in “News”? Lemme know because I want to post about the other module I just did.

Link as requested:

Yes, that’s what the News category is for.

I assume it’s meant to be this: Module:Russian Civil War 1918-1922 (Second Edition) - Vassal