New Module STCS 2.0

Hi folks, new here and just uploaded an more up-to date version of the FASA Star Trek STCS. Lots of ships, from the original game, modules, magazines as well as TNG, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise. A lot of these ships were not part of the original game, but here are sites to get stats for them if you want to play.

Brad Torgersen’s Website and Forum =

Tactical Starship Combat =

Michael Chumbler ships -

Sporadic Enterprises (updated game play and ships) =

Lee Woods Excellent site =

Co-site of TSC (forum) = … seE-group/

Morena sister site for Klingons =

Steve Bacon’s ship (Four Year War) = … rships.htm

I’ll just be over in the corner, getting ready to duck if Paramount’s lawyers see this. :smiley:

Good Grief, I would hope not, since there is and older version been out here forever. The ONLY reason I would think they might get a neck twitch, would be that I did add counters for a lot of TNG, Voyager, DS9 and Enterprise beyond the scope of the old game.