New module version of Module:Napoleon at Waterloo

Hi all,

I have made a new version of Napoleon at Waterloo (version 1.0-ch). This version include

  • Boards
    • Large board as in the 1st and 2nd edition of the game from 1971
    • Small board as in the 3rd edition from 1979 (and later Decision Game re-release)
  • Counters
    • Counters for the Basic game (division size - xx)
    • Counters for the Grouchy variant of the Basic Game
    • Counter for the Advanced game (brigade size - x)
  • Games and variants
    • Basic game
      • Grouchy variant, originally proposed in Moves 3, by A.A. Nofi
      • Esdaile variant, original proposed in Journal of Advanced Military Studies 12 #3, by Professor Emeritus C.J. Esdaile.
    • Advanced game from 1971 expansion
  • Rules as a PDF
    • these incorporate all the games modes and variants above
  • A tutorial
  • Notes on how to use the module
  • Orders of Battle for the various games and variants
  • Automatisation (optional)
    • Automatic battle markers
    • Automatic odds calculations, including terrain, demoralisation, etc. effects
    • Automatic battle resolution, including die-roll modifiers in the Advanced game
    • Automatic reinforcements, taking into account the size of the map
    • Automatic victory condition calculations
  • Symbolic dice
  • Separate layers for units and markers

This module is based on a Print’n’Play version of the game available from GitLab and BoardGameGeek. All graphics and text in this version are entirely new. Nothing is copied from any previous release.