New Modules: Last Full Measure:The Battle of Shiloh & The Battle of Second Manassas

Two new modules have been add to the existing titles of the Last Full Measure, Battles of the American Civil War series; Second Manassas and Shiloh

Last Full Measure is a “print-and-play” series of rules evolved from the Intermediate ruleset of Avalon Hill’s 1977 Gettysburg. It uses 100 men per strength-point, 2 cannon per artillery strength-point, ranged artillery fire, and other features that Gettysburg’77’s intermediate rules lacked.

I developed this rule set because wargames are so expensive and many are out of my financial reach; no commercial publisher is going to produce some of the battles I would like to game; and I no longer have the space to lay out and leave set-up, a paper game.
I’m therefore doing this for myself, but the work is done, why not share it?

I post them on my web site at, as free print-and-play games along with ZunTzu game-boxes, and Vassal modules for digital play.

Till now, I’ve relied on others to create Vassal modules for Last Full Measureas I had no experience playing in Vassal, much less creating a module. Those folks seem to be unavailable of late, and I’m still getting requests for modules. One requestor wouldn’t take my excuse of “I don’t know how” to heart, and connected me with some, slightly outdated tutorial videos from GMT.

The result, now posted here, are the Last Full Measure battles of Second Manassas and Shiloh, my first ever Vassal… anything.

Now, I’m working on modules for the other battles that didn’t have them yet; The Maryland Campaign and my second edition of Gettysburg. I’ll also be updating some of the existing modules; Aldie,Middleburg,& Upperville for example is getting a new map, and probably a new name :slight_smile:

This old dog is still learning this new trick, I’m currently trying to figure out cards and decks and such for a 6-player game based on AH’s old War & Peace

Thank you

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The Maryland Campaign module was posted on February 8th

The first Last Full Measure battle was Gettysburg in July of 2017. At the beginning of 2022 a second edition was done using a new map that covered more area, better artwork, and improved counters. A Vassal module for the second edition was posted her on February 18th.

A vmod for Last Full Measure:The Battles of South Mountain has been posted-pending approval.
One the the early LFM titles, it’s gotten a total make-over with new counters, map, and a lot of things fixed in the scenario book, which is included with the series rules in the vmod.

Last Full Measure: The Battles of Aldie, Middleburg, & Upperville has gotten a new map and counters along with some other update, including a new name; the game is now titled: LFM: Plesanton’s Reconnaissance.

The module is uploaded and available here.

Last Full Measure: The Battle of Brandy Station has been updated to the current theme of the series, with a new map and counters

A Vassal module for the newest LFM Battle, The Battle of Cedar Mountain, has been posted and is available here

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