New Modules

I need help. I and two developers have created two new modules from Avalon Hill. They are Midway 91’ and Guadalcanal 92’, the Smithsonian editions. My “ask” is that someone run the ball to the end zone on them. Anyone willing/able to get these uploaded? I’m a player of these games and wanted to find opponents so badly, I just have run out of steam helping develop the module and the two devs didn’t want to mess with the upload process.

Here are the links to mediafire download. Theyre both tip top and ready for submission:…/Midway+1991-R2.vmod/file…/Guadacana … .vmod/file

any help in this regards is much appreciated.

well, damn. Don’t all jump in at once now… =/

It’s not that hard and you should really learn how to do it yourself for future reference:

  1. just go to the Modules page, pick any module you want (perhaps for another Avalon Hill game or perhaps just a module page whose layout/format you like), click on Edit, copy the xml content to clipboard;

  2. edit the URL, replacing your module name in the title (e.g., click enter;

  3. it will tell you there is no such module already (I hope, for your sake), click “edit this page” and paste in what you saved before to the clipboard;

  4. customize the page to your liking, preview to make sure if all works out (the links to the actual files, see #5, will not work till aproved by a moderator, see #6) and submit;

  5. of course you will also need to click on Upload File and load the actual module, a 150x150 or so game box image and at least one screen shot of the module at work.

  6. wait 24 hours or for a moderator to vet everything and then your module page should be visible to all.