New need help. Mixing PTA with dice module

please forgive me for being so wet behind the ears.

I’ve been playing Brennen’s PTA module in our Story Game group. We need something similar with different colored 6-sided dice for a hack of Don’t Rest Your Head, which uses d6 dice pools.

I thought perhaps i could open the PTA buildfile and hack the code in Simple Text by adding the colored d6 code from the other general dice module.

That leaves me with a hacked “buildfile” that i can’t seem to do anything with.

I realize that i may have gone about this all wrong and would be greatly helpful if somebody could let me know if the buildfile is workable or if i have to investigate some other way to create a d6 dicepool module with a few other add-ons.

thanks, Eric

You should generally be able to hack a buildFile with a text editor and zip it back into the module file. However, you will get a mysterious error if you change the module title in the buildFile (no longer true in v3.1)


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