New on Vassal - looking for try a simple game


looking for a simple game as I will have to learn the rules and how to use Vassal.

Thank you

Tony, it will help greatly to know what kind of games you enjoy. Euros? Ameritrash? D&D? Wargames? Help us figure out if we can help you.

Hi milsimmer !

It doesn’t really matter the kind of game… What is important are the rules… The easiest it is to play the best it is…

Thank you ;-)

I think you will find that game complexity and vassal complexity are not always a parallel. Vassal doesn’t have rules per se, but what you need to learn is the individual games’ interface and tool bar. That changes from game to game, but not much. Vassal tool bars are pretty standard from game to game.

I’m going to recommend a game that has simple mechanics by contemporary standards. Twenty or thirty years ago it would have been considered complex but we all, as gamers, even beginners are more adept in understanding games rules and strategy now, and to continue to challenge us, games became more complex. I digress. The point is, this game is easy to catch on to and you can concentrate on Vassal a bit more, most important, the rules can be found in PDF form on the internet or I can send you a PDF copy. It’s only 12 pages and pg. 11 is designer notes, and pg. 12 is a setup chart, so call it ten pages.

The game is called Celles, put out by Revolution games. The module is on Vassal, the rules are online, I don’t remember where, but I can send you a PDF copy. If you’re interested then download the module and find the rules (search Celles PDF rules or have me send them to you) I’ll need your email address of course, and let me know when you are ready to start if this sounds interesting to you.

aka Frank

I’m talking about PBEM, Tony, just to be sure we are on the same sheet of music.

Thank you Caesar52.
I will write to you in PM as soon as possible. ;-)

For a (relatively) simple wargame, Battle of the Bulge, or Africa Korps by Avalon Hill and supported by vassal are good starting games. They will give you a good idea of what to expect from rules and basic wargame systems.

Both games are great for PBEM

Battle of the Bulge: … _the_Bulge
Africa Korps:

Dear TonyDijon ,

have you found an opponent ?

me too new on vassal and “looking for try a simple game” …
if u don’t yet found an opponent … i think (as wrote by BazLak) Afrika Korps may be a good start to learn to handle Vassal


Hi BazLak,

Thank you for your answers.

I have started Formula D and try to understand ATZ to learn everything…

When I will have more time, I will have a look for those games. And choose what is easier for me… ;-)

Dear Tony,

ty to allow me to join your Formula D … !!!

Is “celles” game about the 2nd Pz Div at the tip of the bulge (ardennes offensive) getting counterattacked at celles by US and British armored divisions?


It’s more about the Germans’ last attempt to reach the Meuse River during the end of the offensive; I think probably just prior to the Allies’ counteroffensive. There is a real good how to video on you tube by Stuka Joe?

Thanks yes that would be the same battle or part of it.

thanks i’ll check it out!