new opponent wanted for ASL - novice


While I’m not new to ASL it’s been a very long time since I’ve played it and would like to get back into the game. However I am new to VASSAl and would like to find someone that is patient with me to play some ASL. Of course ftf would be preferred but I’ve tried looking for opponents in my area (Central Florida) and can’t find any yet. So… Any takers? :slight_smile:

Hello, have you found a partner to play ASL?
If not, I’m interested in PBEM, I’ve played ASL SK and I am ready to make the leap to ASL.
PS: I’m French.

I’m in Orlando area if you need an ASL/etc. game opponent.
I was huge into SL Classic. Have only played a little ASL.

I am absolutely new to Vassal and played ASL a bit many years ago. However I still have the board game and rules, and would really like to try playing ASL using pbm if anyone is prepared to put up with a novice. I live in England. All replies welcome.
David Kilburn a.k.a Ireton

You might want to try posting on Gamesquad in the ASL section: … uad-Leader