New player in UK needs opponents

New to Vassal but not wargames and board games. looking for first online game - live or pbem

I have older games : WAR & Peace , D-DAY , Russian Front & Campaign from AH . Also some newer games : Fields of Despair , Clash of giants - US civil war , Labyrinth , Washingtons war , Kingdom of heaven , Warriors of God , Athens Vs Sparta . If interested or if you have any of those games. Word of warning though : Finding a consistent/dependable opponent is hard to find. Been looking for about a month , finally got a game going after a week of set up/ going over the ground rules etc. . . and after one turn ive yet to hear back from him and that was over a week ago. SOLO gamer for life <<<<< lol good luck and let me know if you have any of those games and wish to play.

Hi Olly…which games are you talking about…I’m into WWII mostly…and PBEM only !


Hi, Pattonsbest

I live in Oxford and I played Kingdom of Heaven (twice) and US Civil War (started with but my opponent vanished afterwords). I am a reliable player: never disappeared.
Let me know if you are interested in something else too. I’m on BGG as 22GCT_Cook to check my game list.



I’m in France, GMT+1 so both pbem and “live” via Skype can work for me. Know Vassal well - game wise depends upon your preferences so let me know if you have any shortlisted games you’d like to play - and I’ll get back if I know the game and/or interested in trying a new one. Cheers,



I’m reliable but have limitations:

Tend to prefer impulse/card driven games that have limited counter movement each turn (i.e Paths of Glory)

Fairly small map size, as I lose the plot when scrolling across larger maps (No Retreat is perfect)

Only want to play in one, or one and and hours sessions (I’m in front of a computer all a day as it is), and possibly only once per week

If the above fits in with anyone, I’m in

I am an experienced U.S. Civil War player. I live in California so
PBEM would probably be best. I am reliable.
Let me know if you are interested.


I live in Hertfordshire and can do face-to-face gaming if you’re in the area. If not, I have time during the day some of the time and am free on weekends. I have a lot of experience on Vassal/Skype and could possibly involve you in some multi-player games like Sword of Rome.

My tastes are now in the direction of pre-2oth Century games but am open to suggestions. I’d particularly like to game some of the Great Battles of History and Men of Iron series as my regular opponent doesn’t like tactical games.

me too new here looking for opponents.

I would be interested in a game of War and Peace, and some others too.

Another UK wargamer calling in, as this seems to have become a thread linking lots of us.

I’m a regular user of Vassal, live in the southern half of Bucks, and although I have a slight preference for WWII I’m happy to play a decent game from any period. Generally pbem, but could occassionally be live with Skype. I play with people all over the place and I think I’m reliable - so if I’ve already got a lot on I will say so up front and not start another game or let you know if I hit a busy period oncw we’ve started something.

Couple of local (to me) games conventions coming up - Tring on the Saturday 7th April (TringCon - search the web), and Watford on Saturday 28th (Spring Con - details on BGG under Forums). Normally all euro games, which are fun, but it would be good to know another wargamer was coming along and sort playing some ftf for a change, as haven’t played a ftf wargame since with a few friends we tried multiplayer EuroFront over a couple of days in October - that was a blast!

Hello, I am at Spain , I have War and Peace or the Russian Campaign

Hi guys - I am up for a PBEM. I am pretty new to Vassal but not wargames. I like Avalon Hill, Decision Games, GDW, hexbased historical simulations, but am willing to try something new if the rules are around.

I’m based in Bristol and have literally no Vassal experience. I do have a large collection of GMT games however, and a few Vassal modules for them downloaded.

I live in Holland and looking for an opponent. Preference is pbem. I have experience with vassal.
I have several games ranging from Siege of Jerusalem, Tac Air, Russian Front to Normandy’ 44, Holland’ 44, World at war FAB. The bulge etc.

Anyone interested?



I sent a PM, but I’m not fully confident that it went through. I’m up to try a game a Tac Air if you are still looking for a PBEM opponent.

I only have GMT games at the moment and a lot of them. Send me a message if interested.